Ignite Gooseneck Race Trailer


Perfectly balanced gooseneck race trailers

You’ve balanced every component of your race car to give you an edge over the competition. We’ve done the same with LOOK’s Ignite Gooseneck race trailers. If you can’t get enough from a bumper-tow trailer because it doesn’t offer the muscle you need, then this is the LOOK gooseneck race trailer for you. It’s got brawn. It’s got beauty. And it won’t break the bank.

LOOK race trailers—when you won’t compromise power or practicality

Let’s talk about that brawn. Ignite’s gooseneck design positions the weight of the trailer over your truck’s rear axle for more stability, meaning you can haul heavier loads. And of course, more space can be a beautiful thing. With common lengths from 36’ to 48’, the Ignite Gooseneck has room for 78” interior heights, optional overhead cabinets and a 48” RV roadside escape door.

Plus, LOOK’s Ignite gooseneck race trailers have an amazingly tight turning radius so you can take those corners looking like a winner.  

Aside from the many gooseneck advantages, Ignite is built to handle your toughest hauling needs for years to come. Standard heavy-duty trailer features include automotive undercoating, electric brakes and tube main frame construction, and seasoned drivers will appreciate the two-speed enclosed landing gear for easy setup.

Visit one of our LOOK trailer dealers to find your Ignite Gooseneck race trailer.