Dealer Spotlight: Enclosed race car trailers sold by a family that knows them best

September 15, 2016

Both Thompson Motor Sales and Look Trailers live in the victory lane

When you find yourself in the market for a new Look enclosed race car trailer or just about any type of Look Trailer for that matter, there are two places you’re most likely to find some of the most knowledgeable and friendly salespeople in the heart of California. With year-long warm weather and seemingly endless opportunities for nights of victory on the race track, Rick Thompson and his family of race car drivers can be found at either Thompson Motor Sales — where they specialize in selling top of the line Look Trailers — or in the nearby town of Madera, home to, “The fastest 1/3 mile in the West.” That’s the Madera Speedway, effectively the second home to the Thompson family where together they race as #77. 

Started by Rick’s father and grandfather, the Thompson family has owned and operated Thompson Motor Sales out of Fresno, California since 1964. 50 years in business is impressive enough, but this dealership is more than what meets the eye. Rick, his brother Kevin and father Jerry Thompson have been racing cars each and every year since day one. And, the Thompson family doesn’t just race, they win. Victory goes back to 1976, when Jerry won Track Champion at the Clovis Speedway. Kevin would go on to become the Madera Speedway Toyota Champion in 1997, 2010 and 2011. As for the man I spoke to, Rick Thompson is a 3-time Madera Speedway champion, once in 1997 in the Super Toyota category, another in 2006 in the Late Model Stock Car category and the most recent one coming last year in 2015 as the overall Madera Speedway Late Model Points leader. This means the sales team at Thompson Motor Sales knows its way around race cars, meaning they’re more than knowledgeable about race car trailers. 

Thompson Motor Sales only began selling Look Trailers six years ago, but already Rick says they have a “very good” relationship with the Look Trailers team and “don’t have any problems” when it comes to working alongside them. As a manufacturer, Rick believes it’s the quality that really sets Look apart from the competition. “We, as well as our customers, have compared Look Trailers to other trailers, and they are far superior than the competition.” He goes on to say that, “There’s a big difference in quality.” Owners of these enclosed racing trailers can attest to this fact, as each Look trailer offers a multitude of standard features and premium upgrades. These trailers are as custom as you need them to be, from standard car haulers to extra large gooseneck models, all sold by this friendly and highly-knowledgeable sales team. 

Look Trailers doesn’t have to do anything out of this world to set itself apart. As Rick puts it, “They cross their t’s and dot their i’s.” And, let’s face it, at the end of the day, that’s really all a customer could ask for when it comes to purchasing a unit that will keep their most prized possessions intact and in pristine running condition. When asked about how business was this year, Rick said business was excellent so far. “Customers trust us when it comes to [race car trailers].” And why wouldn’t they? This is a family-operated and owned dealership with over 50 years of experience, and they live and breathe the market they’re in. 

Rick describes the feeling of being at Madera Speedway as very busy the day of the race. “It’s a lot of work for me and my guys to get the car ready. Many race teams have 7-10 people on their crew, and I do it with 2 or 3.” Just like race day, you’re sure to find an expert on this sales team, as it is primarily composed of the Thompson men and a single salesperson, who let’s be honest, must be an expert in their own right about enclosed trailers to keep up with this winning family.

And, while claiming another sale on any one of Look’s premium trailers is a great feeling, Rick goes on to say that on race day, “… there is no better feeling than hearing [the crowd] scream while you crawl out of the car in the winner’s circle.” 

When you arrive to the dealership, you may end up leaving with your very own Look trailer for your very own race car, because Rick’s racing days sure are inspiring. Similar to that moment right before Thompson Motor Sales takes the reins on a customer’s brand new enclosed trailer, for Rick, “The most relaxing time of the day is when I buckle in my seat waiting to go out for the race. It’s like the calm before the storm.” Rick says that, “Contrary to what the announcers make you think, with the motors running, our helmets on and radios in our ears, we can’t hear the crowd.” This kind of focus shows in the care that the team provides for each sale while back at the lot in Fresno. At the end of the day, Thompson Motor Sales is focused on providing their customers with a satisfying purchasing experience and an even better final product. 

Even though they’re successful away from the dealership, I asked Rick what keeps bringing him back to Thompson Motor Sales. “I love helping the customers. Many of them come in not knowing anything about hauling a trailer, let alone what is involved in designing one, so it’s a great feeling seeing the smile on their face when the trailer is finally finished and they see it for the first time.” 

If you find yourself in or near Fresno looking for your very own Look enclosed trailer, a racing trailer or anything in between, first stop by Thompson Motor Sales where you’re sure to find everything you need, then make sure you head over to the Madera Speedway on a Saturday night to watch Rick and Kevin continue to enter victory lane. However, if you can’t make it to the track, you can tune in on MAVTV to see the Thompson brothers and all of the Madera Racing action on Thursdays at 8pm ET. 

Thompson Motor Sales
Rick Thompson
4581 E. Belmont (at Maple)
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