Snowmobile Storage Then Snowmobile Trips

July 8, 2016

It may be the dog days of summer, but it’s never too late for snowmobile maintenance and it’s never too early to plan more snowmobile trips 

Rest easy this summer knowing your sleds will beat the heat in a LOOK snowmobile trailer. According to Andy Swanson of, a lot of snowmobiles are often left unprotected in far-off corners of sun-filled backyards. 

But not your sled. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wise to cracked seats, peeling decals, hardened hoses and rusty parts. That said, here are some quick tips to help you summer-ize your sled, and after you’ve put her to bed, you can spend your summer planning your next epic powder adventure. (We’ve included some favorite snowmobile trips to ponder.) 

Summertime snowmobile storage tips 

Start by treating your sled’s remaining gasoline with fuel stabilizer to prevent gunk from plugging up the carburetor. Just a few ounces will make start-up easier next winter. And while adding fuel stabilizer to the tank seems like a given, there are a few other ways you can baby your sled. For instance, if you rode your snowmobile until the waning days of winter, you probably encountered patches of mud despite your best intentions. (Hey, we know what it’s like to kick snow on our tracks just to make it to our trailer.) After the season is over, wash down your sled with soap and water to wash away any corrosive residue. 

Once your sled is sporting a shiny gleam, Swanson recommends pumping a few shots of grease into each zerk on the chassis. He says, “You can’t over-grease a zerk.” In the long run, it’ll help keep the suspension and steering systems working smoothly. While you’re lubricating the essentials, spray some fogging oil into the engine to reduce the chance of fuel system failure in the winter. 

Of course, storing your snowmobile in an enclosed snowmobile trailer, like a LOOK Trailer, makes a world of sense. Once your sled is loaded and your trailer parked, take some tension off the springs. Place a jack stand under the bumper to elevate the rear. Unhook the springs, then shift the snowmobile to a wooden box or milk crate where the chassis can rest, leaving the front suspension hanging freely. Finally, put a soft cover or blanket over the snowmobile to protect it from dust, and for good measure, scatter a few mothballs under the hood and onto the tunnel to keep seat-chewing rodents away. 

LOOK Trailers’ list of best snowmobile trips (for the next season) 

Now that your sled is nestled inside its trailer bed, visions of new snowmobile trips can dance in your head. (Hey, it’s never too early to dream of Christmas and more backcountry adventures, especially when you can trust your LOOK snowmobile trailer to get the hauling job done.) According to Zachary Laks of, there are some outstanding places to take your sled throughout the U.S. 

Snowmobile trips in Michigan 

  • The Upper Peninsula of Michigan

When Snow Goer Magazine touts a locale as the No. 1 spot for snowmobile adventures, then you know the destination must be a good one. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has earned the magazine’s nods thanks to abundant trees and endless beauty. One of the Peninsula’s best-kept snowmobile trips is a jaunt to the Lake Gogebic area with hundreds of miles of trails, plus an average of 200 inches of snow each year!

 Snowmobile trips in Wisconsin 

  • St. Germain, Wisconsin

The remote, wooded area in northern Wisconsin is a paradise for sledders. Best known for its Bo-Boen Snowmobile Trails, organized by the Bo-Boen Club, the state’s largest organized snowmobile club, this network of trails makes it easy to explore the area. Volunteers from the club provide on-trail guidance, while St. Germain Rentals is the place to go for everything involving sleds. 

Snowmobile trips in Colorado 

  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado

With an average of 347 inches of Rocky Mountain powder per year, Steamboat Springs deserves to be on your snowmobile bucket list. The Colorado tourism site recommends starting at the Rabbit Ears Pass, east of town. For deep pine country, head adjacent to the Flat Tops Wilderness Area, southwest of Steamboat. For deep powder, head northwest with your LOOK snowmobile trailer. 

Snowmobile trips in Yellowstone 

  • West Yellowstone, Montana

West Yellowstone is dubbed the snowmobile capitol of the world thanks to its extensive trail system and proximity to Yellowstone National Park. A pristine wonderland, sledders can reach reach Montana, Idaho and Wyoming all from the seat of their snowmobiles. Geological and geothermal wonders abound, while a wide variety of wildlife calls West Yellowstone home. 

Snowmobile trips in Montana 

  • Seeley Lake, Montana

The Mission and Swan mountains in western Montana are home to awesome trails with 365 miles of terrain at your disposal. Scenery, wildlife, frozen lakes and plenty of open space are highlights of Seeley Lake. Highway 83 is considered one of the most scenic drives in the area, while two separate mountain ranges flank the lake for epic snowmobiling adventures. 

So there you have it … take that prized snowmobile of yours, tuck it away in one of our LOOK snowmobile trailers, then start dreaming of the powdery trails during the dog days of summer.