April 27, 2016

LOOK Trailers goes out on the road with national go kart racing series 

The Jump family has long had a hankering for speed, and they’ve fueled that need with go kart racing, one of the most family-friendly races out there thanks to the sport’s wide range of competing age groups. 

There’s Rick Jump, who first fueled the family’s love for racing when he began traveling the country working on stock cars in 1971. Rick is now the Technical Director for the United States Pro Kart Series (USPKS) National Racing Series. 

Then there’s Tony Jump, Rick’s son, who fell for the family sport when he was 10 years old. Also a former go kart racing pro, he is now a USPKS flagger. Next year, when Tony’s daughter, Lily, turns 5, she’ll begin racing in the USPKS Route 66 Sprint Series, an amateur series separate from the USPKS that has an age bracket for almost anyone. Youngsters, like Lily, can start racing in the Route 66 Kid Kart bracket at age 5, while this year’s oldest Route 66 Sprint Series senior is 65! For now, though, little Lily will watch Rick and Tony helm their USPKS duties from the stands with Rick’s wife, Barb. 

Rick says USPKS is thrilled to have LOOK as its official trailer — the centerpiece of every event. Customized with hydraulic landing gear, coin-floor covering, a generator compartment and a lift-up awning door, the trailer serves as the registration station, information booth, first-aid area and award-distribution center for USPKS’ national races. 

“We hold ourselves to very high standards,” the director says. “We want sponsors who hold the same values, and LOOK Trailers definitely fits that bill because its workmanship is outstanding, and this LOOK Trailer is by far the smoothest-riding trailer I’ve ever towed.”

It is no accident that LOOK’s 40-foot long Premier Gooseneck race car hauler is such a smooth-riding trailer. This trailer is outfitted with high-end torsion axles to smooth out the bumps and a spread-axle to distribute weight evenly. 

Go kart racing — it’s a family thing! 

Love of go kart racing runs in families. The Jumps have seen it time and time again — sons following fathers onto the track, mothers inspiring daughters to race, brothers and sisters taking the loop, and all of these families building lifelong friendships that span generations. 

Many go kart drivers go on to racing careers. Kart racing, or karting, is commonly perceived as the steppingstone to the higher ranks of motorsports, as well as one of the most economic forms of on-track racing. Plus, the smaller vehicle size and Kid Kart leagues lets youth fine-tune their skills at a young age. 

The 2016 USPKS national season gets under way in May with the first race slated for May 13-15 at the New Castle Motorsports Park in New Castle, Ind. Following that, the series heads to Wisconsin, North Carolina and Pennsylvania with the season wrapping up Sept. 11 at the 2016 Champions Banquet, held this year at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, Penn. 

If you’re in the hunt for a go kart trailer before the karting season begins, now might be the time to consider the trailer manufacturer who makes the USPKS official trailer. Click here to shop LOOK Trailers’ auto hauler models and race trailer lineup. And good luck on the track this year!