The Wildcat by Look Trailers

October 22, 2019

Mobile Office Trailers for Every Worksite

Whether your days are spent in the oilfield, working in industrial sectors, or trekking out to remote areas in the American Heartland, there’s nowhere these mobile offices can’t go. Typically used as construction office trailers thanks to their durability and high-custom builds, the Wildcat is a must-have unit when you need 8-5 support with a professional, home-like feel.  

It's Clear Why Many Worksites Choose Wildcat for Their Office Spaces: 

They’re Self-Contained so you don’t need additional trailers or accessories to get work done

They’re Effective on Rough Terrain because we know worksites don’t always play nice

There’s a Generator Package Available to ensure you have the power to burn the midnight oil

It’s a Highly Mobile Office so packing up and moving to another location is stress-free

Our Quick Build Program allows you to get a mobile office designed and ready to tow in no time

It’s Available at Multiple Plants Across the United States to ensure nationwide accessibility  

Custom, Custom, Custom

You might be mobile, but that doesn’t mean your trailer can’t feel like a traditional office space on the inside. So, when it comes to the interior, you have more options than you can imagine. This includes: 


Black and White Checker flooring offers a classic workspace vibe, while black marble flooring really means business. There’s also black wall carpet, spray-in liner, and raised circular coin flooring for adding texture to your surfaces.  


Head to our Trailer Options and it’s clear you have the freedom to store your way. If you have a kitchen, there’s overhead cabinets for food and utensils. There’s also ceiling to floor cabinetry when you need to store business wear when it’s time to get your hands dirty. L-shape cabinets, v-nose shelving, two-drawer steel file cabinets, helmet cabinets—you name it, you got it. Plus, you can always talk to your dealer about truly custom options you won’t find anywhere else. 


No office would be complete without its very own bathroom area. With Wildcat, you can add a toilet, shower, and sink with ease. But, maybe you want peace and quiet while you eat lunch? Choose a refrigerator and microwave combo or dinette with padded bench seats. Actually, get them both. And, if you’re not planning on heading home for the night, you can even add a HappiJac power bed lift to create sleeping quarters.

Stand Out at the Construction Site

While silver is a go-to color, your exterior deserves a bit more splash. Red will ensure the whole crew know where to find your office, while indigo blue can class up even the roughest job site. There’s always white, but that can leave much to be desired, especially when dirt and oil come into the equation. So, we suggest opting for champagne or pewter if you want something low-key without sacrificing any style.



Want even more options? The Wildcat office trailer is your canvas. For instance, you can choose from: 

Electrical Switches and Outlets

Need a lamp at your desk or a fridge at the back of the trailer? You can add multiple switches and outlets to provide power exactly where you need it. 

Side Door Options

You choose how you want to enter and exit your mobile office trailer. With traditional side doors as well as double side doors and multiple ways to lock them, you can make your office as accessible and safe as you wish. 


When you need to call someone over or keep an eye on a job in progress, our many window options can make a big difference. Slider, stationary, and even lift-up options are available to bring in the sun, the breeze, and prime visibility.

Exterior Options

Ladder racks are a popular cargo trailer option, so it makes sense they’d fit right in at the worksite. And with the grease and grime that comes from a long day’s work, you can even customize your trailer with an exterior shower for cleaning off before heading home. Or, opt for the spigot to attach a hose when you need to clean off boots, equipment, and more. 

To customize your very own Wildcat work trailer, reach out to your local Look Trailers dealer, who will happily help you find the right model, accessories, and finishing touches. Also, make sure to visit our Facebook page to find more blogs and news from Look Trailers!