September 6, 2019

At Look Trailers, our enclosed haulers can only do what they were designed to do-hold your cargo and get it to your destination safely. But, like predicting the weather, telling stories, and helping you pick the best route, sometimes a travel plan requires a bit more… technology. So, to complement your trailer, we’re listing some of the best mobile apps for travel that you can download and use on your next trip. 

Note: The links used in this piece don’t always go directly to the app download, but to the main website that helps explain the benefits of each app. From there, you should be able to download.  


First things first, you gotta know where you’re gonna go. Something only the best travel planning apps should do effortlessly. Some of which we believe are listed below…   



Waze crowdsources their traffic information, with real-time updates for new accidents, construction zones, and more, so you can efficiently navigate to your next destination.

Google Maps is the be-all, end-all of the mapping game. But, you knew that. And, there’s good reason for it. It works pretty smoothly and integrates nearby locations, necessities, and more.

Roadtrippers feels more authentic than the other two mapping apps, and that’s because it personalizes the trip to your wants and preferences. That means, you can do more than just go from A to B. 



OpenTable does exactly what its name implies-finds you open tables at restaurants. In order to best maximize your travel agenda, you can choose number of guests, time, and which area you need.

Allset is great for finding those local eateries when you’re from out of town. You get to order ahead and have your wait time eliminated OR pick it up to take back to the car for some roadside grub. 

RESY is much like the other two, but with a more sophisticated touch. This table booking app focuses on hospitality and finding those spots you want to dress up for.



GasBuddy claims right up front to “Find the best gas prices, anywhere.” So, when you’re in a pinch, GasBuddy is great for saving a buck or two while keeping the tank full.

Gas Guru is another great option for finding nearby gas stations when you see the gauge heading toward zero. It also features a simple interface so you can find gas stations quickly.



The best travel budget apps must do three things: allow you to coordinate money between travelers, pay without needing a back-breaking wallet or fanny pack, and an easy interface to make transactions from. For a few of these mobile apps, keep on reading… 


Digital Payment:

Venmo is one of those money sharing apps that people swear by. You’re either in, or you’re out. It keeps track of money owed, lets you make comments, and even make purchases. 

Apple Pay may be limited to those with iPhones, but let us tell you, when you have one with Apple Pay, it’s a bit of a game changer. You can pay quickly, share like Venmo, and even pay through text message.


Bill Splitting: 

Splitwise tackles the age-old headache of traveling with friends and figuring out who owes who for what. When all those fill-ups and hotel nights add up, Splitwise keeps track of it all for you.

Trail Wallet is a budgeting app that leaves nothing unaccounted for. It provides charts, graphs, notes, daily totals, spend breakdowns, and more so you can properly plan for leisure and business trips. 



Now, not all mobile apps need to solve logistics. Some should be on your list just to help pass the time and keep you sane across long stretches of road. You can only see corn stalks and tumbleweeds so much before your mind needs a bit of a rejuvenation. Podcasts are a great place to start… 



The Daily is made by the New York Times by a team of journalists that give listeners a new, in-depth podcast on important topics Monday through Friday. It’s pretty good at keeping things unbiased. 

Stuff You Should Know is an oasis for those with curious minds. The two hosts tackle everything from ‘How Recycling Works’ to Human Cannonballs, Korean Fan Death, and anything you can imagine.

Unspooled is less movie review and more inspection of the world around the production of films that made the AFI’s Top 100 list. The hosts deep dive into marquee classics to see if they still hold up.

Book Cheat is like Cliff Notes for adults who never got around to reading the classics. The host, Dave Warneke, walks guests through each story and helps explain the context without a tuition fee. 

Off Book still flies under the radar. Each episode, hosts Jessica McKenna and Zach Reino, improvise an entire musical on the spot with musical accompaniment. It’s impressive, to say the least.

My Favorite Murder might not be the cheerful road trip content you’re looking for, but there’s a reason it’s always on lists like this one. The hosts add a comedic, yet authentic, take on real murder stories.

This American Life is one of the most popular podcasts out there, thanks to its take on journalism. You see, rather than just give you bullet points of info, they craft stories around real events and themes.

Serial is like This American Life but focused on a single story throughout the podcast’s season. The best part is, it’s a true story, told in an engaging way that attracts listeners from all over the world. 



Audible is probably one you’ve heard of, and maybe it’s already downloaded on your Apple or Android device. But, just in case it’s not, Audible is books on tape for the modern age. 

Feedly collects the news and information most important to you—all in one place. You can customize the app’s dashboard to display categories you enjoy and keep up-to-date with the topics you want to read.


As Necessary

Here are a couple of essential apps we take with us…  

Kitestring s a must-have for outdoor adventurists. If you’re taking your cargo trailer to the trails, Kitestring will help ensure emergency contacts know where you are and alert them if you don’t check in.

The Weather Channel app is hard not to recommend. It’s the go-to weather app for local forecasts, planning your trip around incoming storms, and getting alerts so you don’t get caught unaware.