Tips and Additions for the Best Custom Enclosed Trailer

August 7, 2019

Custom-built trailers are a great way to add value and utility to your hauler. And the best part is, most of them are easy to add or remove as your travels demand. With a near endless array of options available, we’ll help you understand a few of the more popular customizations that just might change the way you think about the classic cargo trailer.



Shelving and Tracks

From recessed E-Tracks to lift-up desktops and bench seats with hidden storage, there are plenty of ways to make better use of your custom-made trailer. 

E-Tracks — These recessed tracks provide strong slats that you can utilize when attaching hooks and cargo straps from one point to another in order to keep items firmly in place. You can also pair these wall or floor-length tracks with rope rings for more variety when it comes to strapping cargo down. And because they are going to incur a lot of traffic, they are lined with protective ATP strips on either side.

If you don’t require a full E-Track, many owners opt for surface mount rope rings and/or recessed D-Rings that can be placed anywhere within the cargo trailer. 

Cabinets — Really want to spruce up your trailer and make it the envy of every car show and county fair? There are countless ways to customize your space by adding cabinetry of all lengths, depths, heights, and styling to the walls. Overhead cabinets are perfect for chefs who want to keep their ingredients close, a base and overhead cabinet combo provide plenty of room to house all your workbench tools and machinery, while helmet cabinets offer clear doors so you can see your gear before each race.

Maybe you work on the road? You can always elevate your mobile office with a waist-high table you can attach to the wall, a blueprint table with drawers, as well as a two-drawer steel file cabinet for getting work done.


Exterior Accessories

Sure, trailer interiors are ripe for customizations and optional features, but so are their exteriors. Plus, many of the ones we list below serve bigger functions that will truly change the way you tow. 

Doors/Windows — Access doors give you a quick way to access special equipment and tanks, a fuel door provides much easier access to your ATVs/Snowmobiles for fueling, radius slider windows are great for ventilation and increasing light, and lift-up awning doors act as a perfect serving window for concessionaires.

Racks — Aside from sprucing up the exterior with a three-tone color scheme, you can increase accessibility with many of Look’s rack offerings. Safely secured to the roof, you can utilize racks when you need to store ladders and other large equipment without taking up interior space. Or, you can opt for an exterior ladder that provides easy access to the roof when you need it.

Hitches — Look gives you plenty of options when it comes to your connection preferences. Hydraulic, electric, and top wind jacks are available, as are couplers that can withstand 5,000- to 14,000-lbs. Want a clean look when you set up shop? Opt for the detachable hitch. Want the extra stability on uneven ground? There are drop-down rear cornerpost jacks and dual leg hydraulic landing gear ready for the job.

Lights — Where do we begin with the lights? There are more than enough options available to help you illuminate the interior, the exterior, as well as provide safety while you’re in transit. Coming in clear, red, and amber, LED marker and bullet lights can withstand the elements while announcing your presence.

Vents — Anyone who has worked in and out of a trailer under the summer sun can attest that things will naturally get a bit muggy. To help alleviate the hot air from building up inside, there are a few optional vents worth considering. Salem vents open and close on a hinge, non-power roof vents are larger and bring in natural light, and half-moon vents offer a streamlined appearance.


Miscellaneous Containers

Many contractors choose to install document tubes for safely transporting blueprints and important literature from jobsite to jobsite. 

There’s also tubing for long cords and assorted equipment that you don’t want rolling around or becoming tangled during transit.


Look Trailers Has the Packages You Need

If you’re looking to use your custom enclosed trailer for a specific purpose and don’t want to worry about what and where to customize, Look offers Trailer Packages to get it where it needs to be.

There’s the Landscape Trailer Package for busy jobsites, a Heater Package perfect for snowmobilers, a Camper Trailer Package for outdoor enthusiasts, and more.


Ramp It Up
Choosing the right trailer is half the battle. Making sure you have a reliable way to load and unload it is the other. Here are some trailer ramp options for you to consider:

Sliding ramps/extensions

If you’d rather not do a lot of lifting and maneuvering when you load your enclosed trailer, a sliding ramp/extension is just what you need. Most often found with car trailers, these slide-out extensions add more length to your ramp, which lowers the angle. Vehicles with a low-profile necessitate such an extension.

Here, you’ll find an assortment of ramp styles, including ones that are hingeless, bullnose extrusions, and extra-long ATP extensions. A lot of these are ideal when you want a smooth transition from ground to trailer without an abrupt bump that can cause trouble when it comes to wheelbarrows and dollies.


ATP ramps

You’ve probably seen ATP on plenty of trailers and vehicles and just didn’t know what to call it. Diamond rivets? Chrome accents? ATP stands for aluminum tread plating and actually serves multiple purposes, including traction when loading and unloading, as well as protection from scuffs and light impacts.

Additional trailer styles

Aside from your classic trailer shapes, Look Trailers offers gooseneck floorplans and beavertail options. Gooseneck cargo trailers are great for racers who want to tow their car while leaving room for racing gear and other travel items at the front of the trailer. And by opting for a beavertail, your trailer will feature a sloped extension at the rear for easier loading of equipment with or without a ramp.


Add traction strips

Really want peace of mind while you load heavy equipment into the trailer? Traction strips can be applied to the trailer ramp and interior to provide a non-slip surface where you need it most. This is ideal for those who use their custom cargo trailer a lot or where their climate is prone to rainy days.


Note: Adding third-party components to your cargo trailer may void your warranty, so it is always best to contact Look Trailers Customer Service before making any changes.