Look is Proud to be an Official Ally of Trailer Safety Week

May 21, 2019

Look Trailers is proud to be an official ally of Trailer Safety Week. With so many people using trailers across the United States, from personal to commercial use, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of proper trailer towing. This includes everything from routine maintenance to proper loading, storage, and more.

So, what is Trailer Safety Week?

Trailer Safety Week is an annual event that features two distinct parts: onsite facility events hosted at registered trailer manufacturers and a nation-wide marketing of printed and online resources to trailer dealers across the nation. For onsite events, trailer dealers are invited to attend, tour the facilities and learn about the educational resources that are available to distribute to customers.

-        About Trailer Safety Week

As a trailer manufacturer with units all over the country, we’ve written plenty of pieces about trailer safety on our site. This includes tips about parts and components to trailer loading safety, like:


We can all agree that Trailer Safety Week’s motto: “Making roadways safer one trailer at a time” is a commitment worth standing behind. So, just because June 2-8 is Trailer Safety Week, that doesn’t mean we’re not focused on safety the other 51 weeks out of the year. To make sure you can always find what you need for safe trailer towing, you can contact your local Look Trailers dealer with any questions you may have.

Do you have trailer safety tips you’d like to share? Make sure to visit our Facebook page and use the hashtag #trailersafetyweek! And, as always, thanks for taking your hauling seriously.

You can learn all about Trailer Safety Week right here.

To get in contact with Trailer Safety Week, you can call 785.727.4433 or email them at TrailerSafetyWeek@natm.com