Ramp Up Your Cargo Trailer Options

July 31, 2018

Look Trailers’ Advice on Cargo Trailer Ramps

Enclosed cargo trailers provide a safe and dependable way to transport almost any type of cargo while keeping it out of the elements. But before you haul it, you have to get the cargo into the trailer.

That’s where trailer ramps come in. Ramps make it easier to load your trailer: you can walk right in rather than having to lift your cargo, and using a dolly makes loading even easier. Plus, ramps are essential for getting vehicles safely in and out of an enclosed cargo trailer.

Many cargo trailer owners opt for a built-in ramp door, like the ones that come standard on many types of Look Trailers. With a ramp door, your ramp is always on board without having to load and unload it, unlike a portable ramp.

Look’s ramps can be customized in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. Here are some cargo trailer options when it comes to your loading preference.

Sliding ramp extension. Best used as a car trailer ramp, a standard ramp extension does exactly that—it extends beyond the ramp at a lower angle to the ground. This way you can ease wheeled cargo up the ramp at a gentler angle. Ramp extensions come in a variety of lengths; the longer the extension, the gentler the slope. A long extension is best for loading race cars and other low-profile objects.

ATP ramp extension. ATP (or aluminum tread plate) creates a better grip underfoot (or under wheels), which makes for a safer loading surface. 

Beavertail. A beavertail is a sloped extension on the rear frame of a cargo trailer that allows equipment to be loaded over the rear of the trailer, with or without the use of rear ramps.

Traction strips. By applying traction strips, you can reduce the chance of slipping when loading and unloading your enclosed cargo trailer. 

Your local Look Trailers dealer can help you choose the best ramp option for your cargo trailer, as well as many other custom details to make your enclosed trailer easy to load and go.