March 26, 2018

How to Choose the Best Lights for Safety, Visibility, and Style

Whether you’re on the road or working inside your cargo trailer, you want to have plenty of visibility. Look enclosed cargo trailers come with many standard lights inside and out, but you can also choose from a wide array of trailer lighting options.

Visibility is important when you’re on the road. Lights and reflectors help other motorists see your trailer day and night. Most Look trailers come standard with LED tail and clearance lights as well as license plate lights to promote road safety. However, there are several options that will enhance your cargo trailer experience on and off the road.

Here are some popular outside lighting options:

Porch light – Perfect when you’re camping out or using your cargo trailer for vending, this option illuminates the area around the trailer when you’re parked in the evening.

Side mount back-up light – A stylish way to make it easier to maneuver your enclosed trailer backwards, and also gives nearby motorists or pedestrians an extra heads up.

LED loading light – If you’re loading cargo at night, you’ll appreciate the extra help this trailer option gives you.

An LED dome light and switch come standard on many Look trailers. No matter whether you work or just hang out inside your enclosed trailer, Look also has interior lighting options for your needs.

Extra dome lights – Options include 12V, 12V LED, and a 12V 6-inch deluxe style lights.

4-foot double tube LED – This option is perfect if you use your cargo trailer as an office or you carry vehicles. It casts a broad, bright light over a large space.

Cove-mounted fluorescent lighting – Angled illumination that fills in spaces and casts a wide light.

LED strip lighting – Perfect for when you need low-level lighting that’s unobtrusive.

Lighting is just one of the ways you can customize Look trailers. Visit your local LOOK Trailers dealer to see how you can outfit a cargo trailer to your specific needs.