August 28, 2017


Choosing a race car trailer doesn’t end when you find the right trailer for your ride. You also need to haul your gear. From tools and supplies to helmets and jackets, your custom race car trailer should have a place to hold everything you need in a well-organized, secure manner.

First, make sure you have the basics. LOOK’s Premier race trailers already set the bar in high-end, floor-to-ceiling standard features. D-rings are recessed and bolted into a heavy-duty 3/4” floor complete with automotive undercoating. Front- and rear-cast corners with stainless-steel insert create a flawless exterior, while Premier is in tip-top shape thanks to a white vinyl insulated ceiling liner and one-piece aluminum roof. Dual deluxe dome lights with switch, a 48” entry door with flush lock and a heavy-duty ramp door with spring assist add to loading convenience.

With the necessities in place, it’s time to customize your race car trailer. Most every need you may have has been accounted for in the list of LOOK race car trailer storage and customization options. Each one takes advantage of the enclosed trailer’s build to provide the most storage, while still providing lots of interior room for your precious car to ride comfortably.

Here are just some of the storage options to consider when customizing your enclosed race car trailer.

Recessed storage

Out-of-the-way storage starts with recessed compartments for batteries, winches, and spare tires. These enclosures not only keep these necessary items hidden until you need them, but don’t take up valuable space.

Wall storage

Enclosed race car trailers like the LOOK Ignite and Premier lines offer a wide range of wall storage options, from basic to ultra-custom.

  • Install a slot wall liner so you can hang tools, supplies, fuel jug racks, and other gear.
  • You can also outfit the walls (and floor) with e-track and D-rings, so when you stow your gear it won’t go anywhere once it’s strapped down.
  • Narrow shelving along the walls will hold supplies that keep your race car polished and running smoothly.

Folding storage

Need to use a table or bench when you get to the rally? Built-in tables and benches fold up against the wall for easy, out-of-the-way storage and fold down when you need them.


Depending on the size of your enclosed race car trailer and your individual needs, you can outfit it with a range of cabinetry.

  • At minimum, add a helmet cabinet that comes with a hanging bar for jackets and suits.
  • Need more room to store shoes, underwear, caps and other gear? Add a closet.
  • L-shape cabinets, and V-nose shelving and cabinetry take advantage of nooks and crannies in your car trailer, while giving you more places to stash weights, fluids, parts, tape, pads, and accessories.
  • For a first-class interior that suits your specific needs, step it up with custom cabinetry that includes drawers, a desk, countertops, and built-in lighting. You’ll never lose a tool, pair of gloves, or even paperwork with that kind of organization.

Once you have all your practical needs covered, consider adding some personal flair.

  • Is race car red your style, or do you project your winning ways with a celebratory champagne color? Reflect your—or your race car’s—personality on the trailer’s exterior with one of those colors or choose from black, indigo, charcoal and pewter.
  • You can also choose custom flooring with the look of checkerboard or black marble, or a textured finish like raised circular coin and raised diamond.
  • Put a spin on the look of your race car trailer’s wheels by choosing 5- or 6-lug styles in black, gun metal, or silver.

Other popular options include:

  • Spare Tire ST205/75R15
  • Spare Tire ST225/75R15
  • Aluminum Rim Upgrade: 205 or 225
  • Add Cam Bar on Side Door
  • 48” RV Roadside Escape Door
  • Surface Mount Rope Rings
  • Extra Square D-Rings
  • Brite Rear Corners and Hoop
  • Two Tone Trailer with Std. Colors
  • Brite In-Between Two Tone
  • Non-Powered Roof Vent
  • Screwless Exterior Skin (Bonded)

Check out all the options for storage and customizing your LOOK enclosed race car trailer, in addition to the standard features listed below.

Standard on LOOK Ignite race trailers:

• Tube Main Frame Construction
• 16" O.C. Frame
• 16" O.C. Sidewalls
• 16" O.C. Roof Bows
• Torsion Axles
• EZ-Lube Hubs
• 4-Wheel Electric Brakes
• Radial Tires
• 2-5/16" Coupler
• Safety Chains
• 2000# Tongue Jack
• Sand Pad
• 3/4" Floor
• White Vinyl or 3/8" Wall Liner
• White Vinyl Ceiling
• .030 Screwless Aluminum Exterior w/Screwed Seams
• Front & Rear Cast Corners w/ Anodized Insert
• Polished Front Corners
• One Piece Aluminum Roof
• 24" Stoneguard
• Ramp Door with Spring Assist & 16" Ramp Door Extension
• 48" Heavy Duty Entry Door with Flushlock and Recessed Step
• (2) Sidewall Vents
• 7-Way Plug
• LED Tail Lights
• LED Clearance Lights
• (2) Dome Lights and Switch
• Beavertail
• (4) 5000# Recessed Bolted D-Rings
• Automotive Undercoating
• Limited 3-Year Warranty

To get started on your path towards racetrack success, use our Dealer Locator to find a LOOK trailer dealer near you.