July 31, 2017


Trends in landscaping always change, but the outlook for this year—and the next few—may require some extra-heavy lifting. In this post, we’ll look at those landscaping and landscape architecture trends. Plus, what makes a LOOK enclosed trailer the best landscape trailer to handle the job and tips for making sure your trailer—and your workers—don’t break down under the load.

According to leading landscape designers, here is what today’s homeowners are looking for:

1. Less lawn to mow and maintain. That means more hardscaping. Homeowners are looking to incorporate pathways made of gravel, stone, or brick--alone or intertwined with decorative and edible gardens. Brick and stone patios are making a comeback as multipurpose outdoor areas become more popular (helped by the development of fabrics that can survive the elements). Walls and walled enclosures made of stone and brick also help carve out space for outdoor enjoyment without adding to mowing maintenance.

2. Upgraded outdoor kitchens. From brick pizza ovens and portable (but elaborate) barbecue grills to full-service kitchens with a sink and gas-hookup, homeowners are expanding their cooking and entertaining outdoors. This means not only appliances and built-ins, but bar and dining spaces—and walls, pillars, patios and decks to create a safe setting with plenty of ambience.

3. Three- and four-season gathering areas. Landscape customers are also looking beyond the summer barbecue to making their yards a gathering place throughout the year. Fire pits remain popular as a place to sip a hot beverage on cool nights and enjoy the stars and friendly conversations. Pergolas offer a private sitting area out of direct sunlight. These structures are perfect for tucking a container garden in a tight space. And many homeowners are looking for new ways to “play” in their yards, from labyrinths to life-size chess boards made with stone squares and grass.

4. Xeriscaping. Water shortages and rising temperatures have caused more customers to look for a combination of gravel soils, rock gardens, and succulents or cacti to use in their home landscaping. Mulch plays a big role in xeriscaping as it slows water evaporation and maintains soil temperature. Many people augment rocks and stone mulch with decorative glass and metal sculpture to add color and an artsy element to their rock gardens. Zen stone gardens and labyrinths add a peaceful, contemplative place to think and relax without worrying about water shortages.

Of course, all that rock, brick, gravel and lumber—and the means to move and install it—has to be transported. But the average landscape trailer may not be able to support it. LOOK enclosed trailers are built extra tough to handle the hard stuff.

Hardworking owners can expect a hardworking trailer with custom features, like reinforced rear crossmembers and upgraded 16” roof bows. A reinforced ramp with a tapered edge makes it easy to move materials in and out of the trailer, whether you carry them by hand or use a dolly. Plus, an enclosed trailer will keep your cargo safe and dry during transport.

A Look Landscape Trailer package includes:

  • Goodyear Tires
  • 16” O.C. Floor Crossmembers
  • Custom Rear Crossmember w/Reinforced Rear Crossmembers
  • Adjustable Coupler
  • 18” Extended A-Frame
  • 7000# Jack
  • Upgraded 16” O.C. Roof Bows
  • 6”H Galvanized Barrier Between Floor and Sidewall
  • 3/4” Kick Plate
  • .045 Stoneguard
  • Reinforced Ramp Door 1” x 2” Tube w/Tapered Edge
  • Aluminum Door Hold Back
  • Breakaway Battery w/Switch and Charger
  • Spray Liner Package (A-Frame, Rear Crossmember, Rear Hoop and Rear Tapered Edge)

Finally, though you may have machinery to move the heaviest loads, you’ll want to be sure you and your workers don’t get injured when you lift heavy materials in and out of your landscape trailer. Here are some tips from the U.S. Government Occupational Health & Safety Administration on lifting and carrying safely.

1. Small doesn’t necessarily mean light. Push on a box of tiles or bag of stone with your hands or feet to get a sense of how heavy it is before lifting. And make sure packaged loads are secure and balanced so they don’t spill and cause you to trip.

2. Look around. Make sure your path is free of obstacles like garden hoses and slippery or uneven surfaces.

3. Get a grip. Use straps and work gloves to carry heavy objects. Don’t try to stack too many objects or carry too much weight at once. Your body will hold up longer by making a few more trips with lighter loads.

4. Avoid using your back. Use your arms, legs, and abdominal (core) muscles to lift, not your back. Also, bend your knees, not your back, to reach the object.

5. Take it slow. Use slow, smooth movements to lift objects. Then, carry your load in front (not to the side) and avoid quick or jerky movements that can cause you to pull a muscle.

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