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The Couple that Traded Rent for Gas in their Tiny House on Wheels

October 5, 2016

Look Trailers-News-October 5, 2016 Editor’s Note: Look Trailers is proud to spotlight its unique customers and the many ways they’ve made use of their trailers. With that being said, Look Trailers and parent company LGS Industries, does not recommend converting its trailers into tiny homes and acknowledges that anyone who does, does so at their own risk, both to their persons and warranty agreement.  Additionally, ... more

Dealer Spotlight: Enclosed race car trailers sold by a family that knows them best

September 15, 2016

Look Trailers-News-September 15, 2016 Both Thompson Motor Sales and Look Trailers live in the victory lane When you find yourself in the market for a new Look enclosed race car trailer or just about any type of Look Trailer for that matter, there are two places you’re most likely to find some of the most knowledgeable and friendly salespeople in the heart of California. With year-long warm weather and seemingly endless ... more

Snowmobile Storage Then Snowmobile Trips

July 8, 2016

Look Trailers-News-July 8, 2016 It may be the dog days of summer, but it’s never too late for snowmobile maintenance and it’s never too early to plan more snowmobile trips  Rest easy this summer knowing your sleds will beat the heat in a LOOK snowmobile trailer. According to Andy Swanson of snowgoer.com, a lot of snowmobiles are often left unprotected in far-off corners of sun-filled backyards.  But not ... more

Rick Thompson Racing

June 9, 2016

Look Trailers-News-June 9, 2016 Check out this page of one of our racing sponsorships, Rick Thompson Racing. Rick Thompson Racing page shared from torcousa.com Thompson Motor Sales Trailers is an outstanding dealer for LOOK Trailers in California. Rick Thompson's racing website: www.RickThompsonRacing.com       ... more

Governor Wolf Announces New Manufacturing Operation and 65 Jobs in Luzerne County

June 1, 2016

Harrisburg, PA - Governor Tom Wolf announced today that LOOK Trailers, a trailer manufacturing company, will establish a new facility in Wright Township, Luzerne County, and create 65 new, full-time jobs at the site.  "This is the seventh job creation project that we've announced with the Governor's Action Team in Northeast Pennsylvania, securing commitment for the creation of more than 860 ... more

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