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Heater Package: The Best Snowmobile Trailer Accessories for Extreme Winter Exploration

December 4, 2018

Look Trailers-News-December 4, 2018 Snowmobile riders love to be out in the cold, flying over the powder. But, at the beginning and end of the sledding day, like us all, they need a warm welcome to help recharge before the next adventure. The good news is, the Heater Package offers the best snowmobile trailer accessories to help do just that.   When it comes to trailer packages, there are some that complement the ... more

Advice for Choosing the Best Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer

October 30, 2018

Look Trailers-News-October 30, 2018 What should you look for when shopping for an enclosed snowmobile trailer? There are many factors to consider, depending on how often and where you go snowmobiling, the number of vehicles you haul, if you also haul ATVs, and of course, your budget and personal preferences. But there are also some basic standards you should have on your list. Look Trailers offers the following advice for ... more

Cargo Trailer Tire Maintenance & Safety Tips from Look Trailers

September 26, 2018

Look Trailers-News-September 26, 2018 As the expression goes, there’s a lot riding on your tires. For the safety of you and your cargo, and to protect your cargo trailer, Look Trailers recommends that you keep your tires in top condition. With the following tire maintenance tips, you can drive safely and avoid or delay potentially expensive repairs and tire replacements.  Maintain Proper Tire PressureKeeping your tires ... more

Aluminum Enclosed Trailers vs. Steel Enclosed Trailers

August 29, 2018

Look Trailers-News-August 29, 2018 Weighing the Pros and Cons of Each from Look Trailers When shopping for cargo trailers, one of the first decisions you have to make is whether to choose aluminum or steel construction. There are pros and cons to each, but some experts come down on the side of aluminum enclosed trailers for several reasons. Here, Look Trailers weighs the benefits of an aluminum trailer over one made of steel.1. ... more

Ramp Up Your Cargo Trailer Options

July 31, 2018

Look Trailers-News-July 31, 2018 Look Trailers’ Advice on Cargo Trailer Ramps Enclosed cargo trailers provide a safe and dependable way to transport almost any type of cargo while keeping it out of the elements. But before you haul it, you have to get the cargo into the trailer.That’s where trailer ramps come in. Ramps make it easier to load your trailer: you can walk right in rather than having to lift your cargo, ... more

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