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Looking for the latest news about Look Trailers? Want to learn more about your trailer or hear what others are doing with their cargo haulers? You can find all of that, and more, right here. Plus, check back often, as these blogs are updated frequently.

Ignite Race Trailer

December 13, 2010

Ignite Race Trailer    Ignite your passion for Racing with this new Model from LOOK Trailers!   ... more

Catch Our Drift

November 3, 2010

Drift Snowmobile TrailerIf you are looking for an economical Snowmobile Trailer we have it. The Drift by LOOK Trailers has your toys covered. Whether you are hauling snowmobiles or ATVs. this is a price sensitive product for hauling and storing your toys all year long. Call us or email us for a dealer near you!   ... more

Element 7' Wide Puresport Snowmobile Trailer

October 6, 2010

Element 7' Wide Puresport Snow Trailer  LOOK Trailers is breaking New Ground with our ATV/Snowmobile products. Why? Because we ride sleds and drive ATVs. You don't have to look close to see the difference in the LOOK products, it's right up front. With a class leading 73" front ramp door we want owners to be able to ride in and out of their trailers with ease. Come take a LOOK at Novi, MI, South Jordan, UT, and Milwaukee ... more

The New LOOK Snowmobile Trailer

October 1, 2010

Look Puresport Snowmobile TrailerLOOK Trailers is proud to introduce you to the PURESPORT by LOOK Trailers. With a 74" Front Ramp Door we have THE LARGEST FRONT RAMP DOOR IN THE INDUSTRY! No kidding. No matter what you haul, this is the trailer for you!   ... more

Custom Trailers

September 27, 2010

Look Custom Trailers  LOOK Trailers continues to develop new products for their customers. Whatever the need, we will design a trailer that fulfills your business plan. Call today to get a quote on your next custom trailer. ... more

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