Look Sharp: 4 Options for Enclosed Trailer Fenders

January 15, 2019

When customizing enclosed trailers, you can choose from a wide array of trailer parts that enhance function, safety, and appeal. Here, we’re focusing on fenders, where your choice can give your trailer a distinctive look.

Look offers several different trailer fender styles among its options, enhancing appearance whether you prefer a sleek or sporty design.

Spread axle The spread axle fender distinctly separates each tire, giving your cargo trailer a classy, upscale look.

Jeep fender The Jeep-style fender lends a sporty element to your trailer. The squared off top allows you to use the fender to get a leg up—helpful when you’re washing the exterior. Plus, the Jeep fender comes in a regular finish or with ATP for more traction and rugged styling.

Teardrop fender Like the Jeep fender, the teardrop style extends out from the side of the trailer, providing a ledge to step on or a convenient place to rest items. However, the teardrop is rounded instead of squared off, with a teardrop shaped dip between tires on two-axle trailers. This style also comes in a smooth or ATP finish.


Flare fender The flare has a more refined look, laying nearly flush with the side of the trailer with just a band of edging to define the fender’s profile. The flare comes in teardrop style, smooth or ATP finish, and a simple extruded style that extends over three tires in a triple-axle trailer.

You can see the full range of fender possibilities when you review the options page for each Look cargo trailer model. Want another set of eyes? Our Look Trailers dealers will help you choose the trailer and options that best fit your needs, from looks to function.