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Branding Your Cargo Trailer: Wraps, Graphics, and More

July 2, 2019

Look Trailers-News-July 2, 2019 You know that billboard you spotted on your way to the office or worksite: the one with the bright colors, clear message, and cool tagline? What about the truck wrap that told you where to find the nearest gutter repair, reminded you to call about your cable contract, or helped you finish your grocery list thanks to the collage or produce on its side? That’s what your enclosed trailer could ... more

Look is Proud to be an Official Ally of Trailer Safety Week

May 21, 2019

Look Trailers-News-May 21, 2019 Look Trailers is proud to be an official ally of Trailer Safety Week. With so many people using trailers across the United States, from personal to commercial use, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of proper trailer towing. This includes everything from routine maintenance to proper loading, storage, and more. So, what is Trailer Safety Week? Trailer Safety Week is an annual ... more

Cargo Trailer Tie Downs & Tips

May 1, 2019

Look Trailers-News-May 1, 2019 Alright, we get it. The headline isn’t exactly clickbait, but that doesn’t mean it’s no less important than the Top 10 Cute Animal Videos or Three Things You Must Know Before Crossing the Street! After all, this article is all about keeping your prized possessions safe during transit. And that’s pretty important. We’re talking boxes, furniture, and the rare classic ... more

Cargo Trailer Advice: Tips for Coupling and Uncoupling Trailers

April 3, 2019

Look Trailers-News-April 3, 2019 Knowing how to couple and uncouple your cargo trailer from your tow vehicle is key to successful and safe towing. We offer up the following tips for making sure you do it right:  Be sure the size and rating of hitch ball match the size and rating of the coupler. Hitch balls and couplers are marked with their size and rating.   Wipe the hitch ball clean and inspect it visually. Feel for ... more

Motorcycle Hauling Tips

March 11, 2019

Look Trailers-News-March 11, 2019 Driving Checklist & Trailer Towing Advice There’s nothing like a motorcycle road trip. And while you’d always rather ride to your destination, there are times when you need to haul your bikes. You can rely on an enclosed motorcycle trailer to get your precious cargo there safely, so long as you follow these tips and a checklist for loading, securing, and driving.  ... more

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